It is a tough job, but some one’s got to do it! The zebras are an exceptional bunch both on and off the track. The NRV Roller Girls strongly believe in the development and involvement of our refs. We encourage our refs to attend and participate in as many practices and events as possible.

We are currently recruiting both male and female referees. All referees must be at least 18 years of age. As refs you have the option to skate on either quad or inline skates. Referees are required to attend a minimum of 50% of practices in a month, 85% of home and 50% of away bouts, and 40% of league events to remain an active member.

Want to check out the rules, click here! Think you can enforce the rules and want to whistle at some of the derby women? Then refereeing may be the job for you! Although we know the women are amazing, please remember derby is not intended as a dating service! For additional information about becoming a referee please contact

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