NRV Roller Girls

The New River Valley Roller Girls are an all-women’s flat track roller derby league based out of Christiansburg, VA. Through the league, our goal is to encourage the growth and development of roller derby as a competitive and recreational sport in the New River Valley Area.

NRV Roller Girls was founded February 22, 2007 by Speed Junkie. After realizing that there was not a team within driving distance of her home, she made the decision to further the derby movement by creating her own league. NRV Roller Girls were accepted as full members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in December of 2011.

The NRV Roller Girls are committed to giving back to skaters and the community. The league participates in community service and philanthropic initiatives to give back to the area that supports us. We also strive to empower all individuals who participate to achieve a positive attitude about them self and to increase their physical conditioning.

On the track the league consists of athletic, competitive, dedicated, fun, hard-working women. Off the track, league members have a myriad of professions. With the combination of on and off track skills the league has continued to thrive as a skater owned and operated league.

The NRV Roller Girls look forward to the future growth of roller derby as a competitive team sport while developing the league and creating a strong team and fan base.

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